CRE Premium Coco - 50L x 60 (FULL PALLET)

CRE Premium Coco - 50L x 60 (FULL PALLET)


CRE Premium Coco - 50L x 60 (FULL PALLET)
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CRE Premium Coco - 50L x 60 (FULL PALLET)

Regular Price: £600.00
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CRE Premium Coco - 50L

Product Overview

CRE Premium Coco Coir is of the highest quality and bears the highly coveted RHP Quality Mark to guarantee the stability of the substrate and ensure an optimum growing medium.
CRE Premium Coco offers the grower and their plants many advantages over other substrates:

  • CRE Premium Coco is an RHP certified organic product that has been fully buffered to eliminate any side effects of coco growing.
  • CRE Premium Coco has shown in testing to have some of the best water uptake characteristics - meaning excellent nutrient delivery.
  • CRE Premium Coco is free for all soil diseases and viruses due to processes involved during production – RHP inspectors continually visit production sites to ensure quality.
  • CRE Premium Coco has the advantage of being reusable from grow to grow reducing costs related to growing media.
  • CRE Premium Coco has been designed with a unique structure to increase oxygen supplies to the root zone and ensure maximum nutrient uptake.
  • CRE Premium Coco is manufactured using first class raw materials from 100% organic prime Indian coconut husks.

CRE Premium Coco Coir can be used in conjunction with CRE Organic Nutrients….

CRE Premium Coco comes in 50L bags or pallets of 60.
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