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Fighting pests naturally with Neem oil

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 01st February 2018

With both indoor and outdoor gardening comes pests. These insects can cause significant damage to your crop in a short amount of time. It is important to stay on top of these pests before they have a chance to cause any problems. This generally involves spraying pesticides on the crop in an attempt to kill them. Many of these pesticides are made from toxic chemicals, while others are made by synthesizing natural chemicals in a lab...

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Mycorrhizal Fungi: A Plant's Best Friend

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 01st December 2017

Life below the soil is rich and diverse. Millions of different organisms call home in the root zone of a regular plant, from bacteria, to nematodes, to fungi. Many of these organisms aim to hurt the plant, while many others are neutral or aim to help it. Without a doubt, the most beneficial organism present, however, is the mycorrhizae fungi...

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All about aphids

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 01st November 2017

Aphids are one of the most common and destructive pests for growers worldwide. They can develop resistance to insecticides, and are not very picky when it comes to food sources which can make them tough to eliminate from the grow room completely.

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Common Plant Diseases And how to Treat Them

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 01st October 2017
Plant diseases can be the result of bacteria, fungi, or even viral infections. The treatment and prevention for these causes of plant illness can be difficult to identify and treat, but must be dealt with promptly in order to prevent the death of your plant, or from spreading to other areas of the hydroponic garden. Learn how with the following tips.Read More

Bugs eat bugs: Predatory Insects

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 15th September 2017

Predatory insects are one of the best natural methods of pest control for the garden. They are the only things meticulous enough to seek out and destroy the pests that are living in your garden individually. The goal of using predatory insects is not to wipe out a pest invasion, rather they reach a balance between the pest and the predator. This keeps the damage to a minimum and avoids the use of nasty chemicals or pesticides.

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Using Beneficial Microbes In Your Hydroponic Garden

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 15th August 2017

There is a constant battle going on in your garden with massive casualties on both sides. On a regular basis, millions of microscopic organisms are at war with one another over the best real estate in your plants roots. They compete for food, water, and oxygen. If the bad microorganisms win and take over, they begin to eat and destroy your plants from the roots up. As with any war, the tables can be turned in favour if enough resources are given to one side over the other. In the case of your hydroponic garden, these additional resources should be given to the beneficial species over the pathogenic ones. Supporting them generally means adding more backup troops on a regular basis in the form of beneficial microbe additives. Let’s get into the details of what kind of troops you should be adding to your hydroponic garden...

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Commonly Found Pests And Diseases In Hydro Plants

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 01st August 2017

Hydroponics can be a rewarding and educational experience. The crop yields are generally much higher than conventional methods and require less space. One of the problems with gardening in general however is dealing with pests and disease.

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The Importance of keeping the reservoir clean

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 01st February 2017

Although organic options are available for hydroponic growing, it is usually preferred to keep the hydroponic water as near sterile as possible. The reservoir and hydroponic system in general provides your plants with the food and water needed for it to grow and thrive. Unfortunately this also means a perfect environment for pathogenic and undesirable organisms to grow and thrive as well...

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Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats

Posted by Hydroponics Store, on 08th November 2016

Have you ever noticed those little black flies that hang out near the base of your plants that come out in masses whenever you try to water your plants? Those are fungus gnats, and they are one of the most common and annoying pests in the indoor garden...

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How To Control Spider Mites

Posted by Hydroponics Store , on 04th November 2016

Spider mites are one of the most destructive pests around when it comes to greenhouse and indoor cultivation. Their characteristic webbing can seem to appear all over your plants in a matter of just a few days. This webbing helps them form colonies...

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Thrip control: Controlling Thrips in Your Indoor Garden

Posted by Hydroponics Store , on 02nd November 2016

Thrips are one of the most common and elusive pests in the indoor garden. They can often live on your plants for months before being noticed at all, and can be very hard to get rid of completely. The reason thrips are so elusive, is that they are incredibly fast moving...

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